Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fort Yargo State Park, Winder, GA.

Our second of six stops on our camping trip brought us to Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, Georgia. It rained the entire way from Mistletoe State Park to Fort Yargo, but at this point, we were really getting used to rainy days. Oh well. There are two camping loops in the campground at Fort Yargo. We rode through loop number one first. It was quite crowded, and the restroom looked very old, so we decided to check out loop number two. It is obviously the newest of the two loops, and wasn't nearly as crowded. The restroom looked to be practically new as well. We hunted for a campsite that looked somewhat private, and wasn't too far away from that shiny new bathroom. Number 33 became our home for our three night stay. I was glad we finally quit driving around. There are speed bumps throughout both camping loops, and I was sick and tired of bouncing over them. I HATE those things! Gary set me up in the rain. I'm not sure he had totally dried out from packing me up when we left Mistletoe. He took a nice warm shower and put on some dry clothes, and we settled in for a night of Sunday Night Football. TV reception was pretty good since we were fairly close (about 50 miles) east of Atlanta. It rained lightly all night, and continued the following day. As he often does, Gary went antique shopping while I watched TV and napped. He was gone all day and had a lot of fun. I should have worked on my blog, but the rain made me sleepy. When Tuesday rolled around, we were surprised to see some sunshine after a gloomy looking start to the day. After awhile, it turned into a BEAUTIFUL day. Gary finally had a chance to check out the park and take pictures. It's a nice park that's actually bigger than we thought it was. With days of rain, some of the trails were more like streams. Gary didn't attempt to walk on any of them other than the paved one. The 260 acre lake had risen enough to overtake a dock or two. A tall pine tree had fallen over onto the roof of the beach pavilion, causing some heavy damage. The old fort looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, it was closed so Gary couldn't check out the inside. There is lots of recreational things to do at Fort Yargo, and that includes a disc golf (Frisbee) course. I don't think we've seen one of those since we were at Cloudland Canyon. There are six new yurts in the yurt village, located on the west end of camping loop number two. The yurt residents share that nice new restroom with the RV campers in the loop. Overall, it's a pretty park. Although it's not on our list of favorites, we wouldn't hesitate to come back again if we were in the area. Next time, we'll know more about the place and can hopefully bypass a bunch of those dreaded speed bumps. The rains returned during our final night, and once again, Gary got soaked while packing up our stuff to move on to our next stop. Would the rain ever end, or would it continue on? You'll find out soon!

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