Monday, September 3, 2012

Flea Market Score And More

This is our third and final day here at Lake Griffin State Park. Gary headed out early this morning enroute to the Webster Flea Market, and I, as usual, took it easy here at the campground. Since this is a holiday, and many people have to be back at work tomorrow, the campground really cleared out today. I doubt if there are over a third of the campsites occupied. It sure is quiet. Gary was gone about 8 hours again today. I totally expected him to come back with a van load of flea market goodies, but he only bought two things. He got some woodworking clamps that will come in handy during the future rebuild of my brother Scotty, and this cool little travel trailer Christmas ornament that I've included a couple of pictures of. It's a Hallmark ornament from 1988. Gary isn't that thrilled about Christmas, but you know how much he LOVES travel trailers. For $2, he HAD to have it! Gary has been a packrat for most of his life, but he's doing well at cutting down on his non-essential purchases. I think he's getting a little tired of the endless clutter, and he's been selling off a lot of odds and ends on eBay. The more junk he gets rid of, the more room there is for me in the garage. I'm lovin' that! I have mixed emotions about having to go home tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun here at the campground, but when I get home, Gary will install my new axle. And as you know, that new axle is something I've been wanting FOREVER!!! So, I'll sign off from here at Lake Griffin, and I'll post some pictures of the axle replacement project soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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