Sunday, September 9, 2012

My New Axle, Day #3

I was hoping that work would continue on my new axle installation yesterday, but Gary was busy with other things. That's alright. At least it's on, and there isn't a whole lot left to do. When Gary came out to the garage in his grubby work clothes today, I just knew he was going to work on the axle....and he DID!!! One by one, he pulled each wheel off, adjusted the brakes, and tightened any loose bolts. Then he ran ground wires to each wheel, and a "hot" wire between both wheels and my tongue. When he has time, he will re-wire my trailer connector to include the additional wire for the brakes. My tires and wheels were put back on, and the new lug nuts that came with the axles were used instead of my old ones. The red paint on my wheels is a bit scratched up from trying to get them out from under me when I had my old axle. My wheelwell openings are small, and I sat so low, that Gary always had a hard time getting my tires and wheels on and off. Believe me, on more than one occasion, I learned a BUNCH of new swear words because of the difficulties involved. That won't be a problem with my new axle. I'd REALLY like Gary to re-paint my wheels. But he's done so much for me already, I'm afraid he will get mad if I ask. I guess I'll leave well enough alone, and maybe he will notice that my wheels don't look very good, especially now that they are exposed more than they used to be. He's usually pretty picky about details, so we'll see what happens.

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