Friday, September 7, 2012

My New Axle, Day #2

Gary installed the trailing arms for my new axle today. The arms have the brake assemblies attached to them. The arms can be adjusted to raise or lower me fairly easily, and that's the cool thing about this axle compared to others on the market. Gary went to a lot of trouble and expense to get this new axle for me, and I will be forever grateful. Being saggy is not fun or appealing. An angle gauge was used to adjust the trailing arms to the same degree on both sides of me. This stuff baffles me, so I'm sure glad that Gary knows what he's doing. I had never seen or heard of an angle gauge until today. Just as a starting point to see how high I would be off the ground, Gary adjusted the arms to approximately 34 degrees. He was shooting for 30 to 35 degrees, so he hit it pretty close on his first attempt. The only problem of the day occured when Gary tried to install my left tire and wheel. The bolt pattern on the new drum was the incorrect size. After measuring the bolt pattern on my other brake drum, and the two drums on my brother Scotty's new axle, Gary determined that only the one drum was wrong. He called the place where he bought the axles, and they are going to ship us a new drum with the correct bolt pattern. In the meantime, Scotty was nice enough to loan me one of his brake drums, so that Gary could finish putting me back together. He's a good brother. There were no other glitches after that. With my wheels and tires on, and with me off the jacks and back on the floor, Gary sat the angle gauge on my rear bumper to see if I was level. As you can see, I am nearly spot on. He then leveled me front to back, and measured how much clearance there is under me. There is almost twelve inches of clearance under my drop-down floor, which is more than enough. It might even be too much clearance, but Gary is going to see if he's happy with it before making any changes. As long as I'm not saggy anymore, I'm perfectly happy with whatever he decides. The next step is to tighten up all the loose bolts, adjust the brakes, and run the wiring for the electric brakes. A wire broke off of my 4-prong flat wiring connector on the last camping trip, and now that I have brakes, Gary will be changing me over to a 7-prong round wiring connector. These are the biggest upgrades I've had since Gary renovated me. This is AWESOME!!!

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