Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out For A Cruise

Gary got all my wiring done on Monday. I now have a nice and strong 7-blade trailer connector instead of the wimpy little 4-wire connector I previously had. Only 5 wires are actually used with my 7-blade connector, but that's alright. Better to have spares, right? Poor Gary spent all day yesterday (Tuesday) mowing and working in the yard. He was so tired he could hardly move when he was done for the day. Normally, he comes out to see me before he goes to sleep, but he was too exhausted to even do that last night. After a good night's sleep, I just knew he would come out to see me today, and I was right. After lunch, he came out and hooked me up to the van for a test ride. It was REALLY exciting to be riding atop my new axle for the first time. A couple of laps were made around the block to test the combination of the brake controller in the van, and the new brakes on me. Once things appeared to be working properly, we hit the interstate for a test at speed. We went south for about six miles to the first exit, then turned around and came back. I'm happy to report that everything went very smoothly. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I was cruising down the interstate sitting level on BOTH sides. No more saggy old axle for me! The only thing that Gary will change is my overall ride height. I'm a little bit too tall to be sitting level with the van when hitched up. I'm close, but Gary figures a few degrees less pitch in my trailing arms, and I'll be all set. I think I look pretty good the way I am, but Gary can be picky about stuff like that. Don't tell him I said that. So, I'm back in my garage for now, but I know that once Gary makes the adjustments he wants, we'll be back on the highway for another test run. Bye for now.

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