Monday, September 2, 2013

Finally....It's MY Turn

With Joni gone, things are getting back to normal here in the Green Acres Garage. I got to go outside for the first time since April, and boy was that nice. It was great to be hooked up to my best friend "Dodge" once again, and the sun felt SO good on my skin. Before I got to go outside, Gary drove the Dodge Neon over and washed him. The poor little guy has been sitting on the driveway and getting VERY dirty for the past couple of months. There wasn't room for him in the garage with all of the work that was being done to Joni. I had taken the Neon's spot in the garage, and Joni had taken my usual spot. But the time had come for all of to reunite. The Neon returned to his spot in the back of the garage between the 1971 Dodge Dart, and my brother Scotty's bare frame. Then I was rolled back in. I figured that there would be no work done to me right away, but I was wrong. Remember my wiring harness posting from early June? To refresh your memories, Gary had cut the old 7-pin connector off of my tongue wiring, and was planning to extend the harness with a new junction box and cable with a new 7-pin connector. It took three months to get it done, but I am once again wired up, tested, and ready to go. This was the first project completed on me, but it won't be the last. Gary has promised to make some progress on renovating my kitchen base cabinet today, and I sure hope he follows through. I will keep you posted. Happy Labor Day, everyone.

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