Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Kitchen Cabinet Renovation, Part Three

As you can tell, Gary has been hard at work on my kitchen cabinet renovation. For awhile there, I didn't think that I'd be ready for our upcoming camping trip, but things are coming along pretty well now. In the first picture, you can see the BIG difference in size between my old sink faucet (the one in Gary's hand), and my new, taller bar sink faucet. I talked about a problem with the faucet in my last post, but forgot to show you a picture of it. Gary had to drill a much larger hole in my stainless steel counter top for the new faucet. That was easier said than done. That stainless steel is some TOUGH stuff! The faucet is all hooked up now, and it's been repeatedly tested for possible leaks. All is well. The front panels for the cabinet (upper and lower), were test fitted a few times. Gary is big on test fitting. I'm not sure if he's not confident in his measurements and cuts, or if he just likes taking pictures of every detail of his projects. One way or the other, I guess it's better to check things more than once before painting. Speaking of painting, that was next on the list of things to be done. With the edges sanded smooth and the holes drilled for mounting the front panels, they were painted black to match the rest of my cabinets and trim. Then came the painting of the backs of the cabinet doors, inside and out of my nice new drawer, and inside and out of the little pull-out map bin that will fit right in front of my door side wheel well. It fits inside the middle hole of the lower front panel. I'll show you how it works in a future post. All of these parts will probably need a second coat of paint, maybe even a third, but at least they are cut and almost ready to install. Gary took a list of the sizes of the cabinet doors to his friend at the local A/C fabrication shop this morning. There will be stainless steel fronts made for all of the pieces, so that they will match the doors on my upper cabinet. More progress posts are coming soon. Thanks for checking in!

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