Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Kitchen Cabinet Renovation, Part Two

Progress is being made on my kitchen cabinet renovation. Now that things are coming together, Gary said it would be okay if I posted a few pics. Let me try to explain what's been going on. As you could see in the pics during my last post, there were a bunch of pieces painted and ready to be installed. One by one, Gary put those pieces together like a big jigsaw puzzle. There was no doubt that all of the painted pieces would fit perfectly. They had been test fitted over and over previously. Once all of the pieces were installed, other pieces were made, test fitted, and painted. That's the way it went for several days. Yesterday, the water supply lines to my new faucet were hooked up and tested for leaks. They failed, and surprisingly, so did the new faucet. Water dripped from the fittings, but no water came out of the faucet. Gary took the faucet apart, and found out that a valve inside of it had been installed backwards at the factory. He corrected the problem, reinstalled the faucet and the fittings, and everything worked perfectly. Next, he hooked up the sink drain. There was one tiny leak at first, but that was an easy fix. Things went considerably smoother today. Because of the wider and taller new microwave oven, the electrical outlet inside the cabinet that supplies power to it, had to be moved slightly. Luckily, that wasn't as much of a hassle as the plumbing was. Next was the installation of the microwave oven. No problems with that. Above the microwave, the ball bearing slides were installed for a new drawer. The slides weren't quite in the right place on the first attempt, but the second installation was right on the money. The pieces were cut and routed to make the drawer out of, and then the drawer was assembled. It needs some sanding and a coat or two of paint yet, but at least it's built. Well, I'm sure there will be more work done over the next few days, and if it does, you'll hear about it first right here on my blog. Stay tuned!

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