Monday, September 30, 2013

I Am SOOOOOO Ready For This!

Not that I've been counting or anything, but it's been 165 nights since I was camping somewhere other than home. The time has finally arrived, and Gary, "Dodge", and I have hit the highway for a couple of weeks of GLORIOUS camping in several different states. As you know, Gary finished the cabinet work on me on Saturday, and then packed almost non-stop until midnight on Sunday. Shortly after he finished bringing nearly everything we own, or so it looks, we were on our way north to Georgia. The very first exit in Georgia that we came to, was the one for the visitor information center. Poor Gary was totally exhausted, and it was WAY past my bedtime, so we stopped for some much needed sleep. Most rest stops are rather noisy, but this one was pretty quiet. As tired as we were, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. We parked alongside several big rigs, and hit the hay around 3AM. Things got progressively more noisy around 6AM, and it was harder to sleep. Gary climbed out of bed around 7:30. I slept in while he was out doing those "morning things" that humans do, and taking pictures. Around 8:30, we headed north to Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah. We will be here for two nights. This is a really nice and very quiet park. We spent a couple of nights here once before, and it is the perfect place for us to get back in the swing of camping after a long and hot Florida summer. A week from now, we will be camping in New York. But there's a long road ahead and lots of fun around every corner on the way there. I'll let you know what we're up to and where we're at as often as possible. That's it for now. More to come very soon.

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