Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello Carolyn, Goodbye Joni

This past Friday, Gary pulled Joni out of the garage once again, and gave her a final water testing. She sat out in the rain a couple of times, and got sprayed with the garden hose twice before, but Gary wanted to give her one more test. She passed with flying colors. The results were a HUGE difference from when Joni first arrived here, and her soaking wet mattress was removed and set outside to dry. With everything completed (and then some) that Joni came here for, it was time for her to go home. She was here for eight weeks, and was worked on intermittently for 62 total hours. I've kind of grown accustomed to her being here, and the garage looks a bit empty with her gone. But now it's MY turn for some much needed repairs, and there's only four weeks to go before we head out for our first and longest camping trip of the upcoming season. Saturday was here, and Joni's owner Caryn and her BFF Carolyn arrived to pick up Joni late in the afternoon. Gary and I had never met Carolyn before, and we all hung out and talked for awhile. Like most people that come here to visit, Carolyn was very nice and had nothing but good things to say. Joni was hitched up to Caryn's mini-van, and was pulled outside. That's Caryn on the left and Carolyn on the right, doing their best imitations of the models on "The Price Is Right". After the brief photo shoot, the girls headed home to Jacksonville. It was kind of quiet here on Saturday night. Helen the Husqvarna, Gary's riding lawn mower, had really bonded with Joni, and they used to talk until WAY past my usual bedtime. I will kind of miss Joni, but Helen will miss her the most. Once again, Helen is the only girl here in the Green Acres Garage. I'm sure we will see Joni again sometime, maybe even camp with her. That would be fun. As Gary completes some work on me, I will post pictures. He has a lot to do in a short time. More soon, I promise.

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