Sunday, April 13, 2014

A REALLY Busy Weekend

I can't say that I've done much since we got home from our last camping trip of the season on Wednesday, but Gary has DEFINITELY been a busy guy. As I reported during my last blog post, he went across the state to Lakeland Florida on Thursday to pick up my little sister "Poppy". On Friday, he ran errands around town, picked up a LOT of mail at the post office, and began washing laundry. Then came the weekend. When we arrived back at home on Wednesday, we were both amazed at how things had changed here in the two weeks we were away. The leafless trees were now thick with leaves. Flowers were blooming. But what made the place look REALLY bad was the tall grass and weeds. The yard looked like nobody had lived here in a LONG time. Gary HAD to mow the place, but first things first. "Jackie" and "Caroline", the twin '61 13ft. Scottys that Gary brought home in November, were in front of the garage with grass growing up under them and around them. So, Gary put "Dodge" to work, and the twins were moved over to the driveway. "Poppy" was moved from the yard and into the garage. I don't know when the last time was that "Poppy" was inside a building, if ever, but she looks REALLY happy to be sharing the garage with me. And most importantly for Gary's comfort, my air conditioner took the place of my fire escape window for the summer months. Gary still sleeps in me every night, and the temperatures are already getting too hot for him. You can see by the picture of the thermometer that is in direct sunlight, that the temperature reached 100 degrees on Saturday afternoon. The air conditioner will make him VERY happy. With everybody moved to their new locations, Helen the Husqvarna was prepared to take on the tall grass and weeds. She did a WONDERFUL job. The yard looks AWESOME!!! Today (Sunday), Gary pulled weeds around the house, weedeated, raked, and trimmed a few branches. He filled all six of our garbage cans with lawn debris for Monday's pickup. He did a LOT of work this weekend, and I can tell he's tired. But he's going to be sleeping good tonight in his cool little Toaster. That's the latest news from the Green Acres Garage. Bye!

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