Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Know The Party's Over When The Trailer's In The Garage

I got really lazy during our stay at Silver Springs, and now that we're home, I need to get everyone caught up on our activities while we were there. When we arrived on Sunday, Gary tuned in the NASCAR race on TV. After many hours, the race was finally postponed due to rain. It was rescheduled to run on Monday instead. No problem for me. I would be able to see it, but Gary decided to spend the day antique shopping instead. He had to catch the highlights and the race results on the internet when he got back. It was a good race and I enjoyed it, even though it pre-empted my favorite show, "People's Court". Oh well. We can't control the weather. Both Sunday and Monday were pretty darn hot for this time of year. Gary was NOT a happy camper. As I've mentioned before, he HATES being hot. On Tuesday morning, it rained. The good thing about that is the cold front that followed the showers. It was overcast and much cooler all day. Gary was MUCH happier. Once again, he spent the day antique shopping. Tuesday night was even cooler. Gary slept soundly all night, which means that I slept soundly too. His tossing and turning on hot nights always keep me up. Wednesday morning rolled around WAY too fast. It was time to pack up and head home. These were the final couple of hours of our totally awesome fall, winter, and spring camping season. No more camping until next fall. My depression was already beginning to set in. Gary took his time packing the van. I do believe that he really didn't want our camping season to be ending either. Anyway, by 11AM, we were leaving Silver Springs and heading back home to St. Augustine. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my garage, but camping in the great outdoors is what I live for. It's going to be a very hectic summer for Gary. He has more projects going on than anytime since I've known him. I'm sure that some of his time will be set aside to work on me. I'm in need of some work, and he never got around to it last summer. The camping season may be over, but the fun here at home never ends. More soon, I PROMISE!!!

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