Friday, April 11, 2014

Meet My Little Sister, "Poppy"

I told you things happen quickly around here. We hadn't even been home for a full day after our last camping trip, and what shows up here at the Green Acres Garage? ANOTHER Scotty! I knew something was up when Gary hurriedly emptied out the van after we got home, and then re-packed it with things that he typically takes when he goes to pick up a trailer. I was curious as to what he was up to, but I didn't want to ask. He even borrowed my license plate to take along. Something was DEFINITELY up. As it turned out, a Facebook friend of Gary's had a little 13ft. 1986 Scotty in storage, and she no longer had a need for it. The price was right (FREE), so Gary and "Dodge" went way over to Lakeland, FL. to get it. It was 326 miles round trip, but everything went well. You never know with an unknown trailer. "Poppy" had spent over a year at an RV storage place. She was way in the back behind all the big expensive motorhomes. Gary said she was in tall weeds and looked so sad. He hitched her up to "Dodge", pulled her out of the weeds, and the first pictures of her were taken. Many hours after they left, I heard the familiar sound of "Dodge's" engine, and a few minutes later, the sound of keys in the door. Gary was really excited when he came in. He opened up the big garage door, and there she was, the newest member of the Green Acres Scotty Club, my little sister "Poppy". I named her. Gary hadn't gotten around to doing that yet. She just looks like a little flower to me, so "Poppy" just seemed to fit. Gary liked the name too, so "Poppy" it is. She is the seventh Scotty to take refuge here. She's a cutie pie for sure. I know there's no need for me to be jealous, but it was a little upsetting to see pictures of "Poppy" and "Dodge" together at a little park on their way home. They looked like they were having fun. I just hope that Gary and her don't get too close, and he chooses to go camping with her instead of me. "Poppy" needs some work, and I'm sure I'll have a front row seat to see how she progresses. That means that I'll be sharing the pictures of that progress with all of you. In case you're just now reading my blog for the first time, or if you need a little reminding of who is who here in the Green Acres Scotty Club, here's the membership list in order of arrival: 1)"Scotty", a 15ft. gaucho built in Bristow, OK. in 1971. 2)That would be me, "Toaster", a 15ft. gaucho built in Ashburn, GA. in 1972. 3)"Chip", a 13ft. gaucho built in Ashburn, GA. in 1978. 4)"Henry", a Hilander built in Bristow, OK. in 1971. 5)"Jackie", a 13ft. gaucho built in Irwin, PA. in 1961. 6)"Caroline", a 13ft. gaucho built in Irwin, PA. in 1961. and now "Poppy", a 13ft. gaucho built in 1986. Gary hasn't checked to see where she was built at yet, but I'm betting she's from Ashburn, GA. like me and "Chip". We do know she was originally sold at a dealership in Ocala, FL. It's odd that the Green Acres Garage started out being an all-boys place, but now we share it with the girls. At least I'm the only trailer here that can "talk", so I do believe that Gary will keep me around if only for that reason. After all, I am a novelty. Well, that's the latest news from here, and exciting news it is. I've always wanted a baby sister!

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