Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thanks For Stopping By, Cindy

Cindy, who happens to be one of Gary's Facebook friends, stopped by for a visit yesterday. Even though they have corresponded for quite awhile, they had never met. Well they have now! Cindy knew me from Facebook too. I don't have my own page, but Gary posts plenty of pictures of me on his. Anybody that knows Gary knows me. Cindy's visit was not just a casual one. She was here to check out that big Terry trailer that Gary has owned even longer than he's owned me. She's been looking for a project trailer, and thought that the Terry might be of interest. It didn't take her long to know she was in LOVE! The Terry was just what she was looking for. Personally, I have never been a fan of that big trailer, but I'm sure glad that Cindy is. Gary is going to re-pack it's wheel bearings and tie up a few loose ends that he never got around to. And in a couple of weeks, Cindy will take her latest project to it's new home. Now that I know it's leaving here forever, I kind of feel bad for all the terrible things I've said about it in the past. It really isn't a bad trailer. I was just mad at it because it used to hog up a lot of space in MY garage. You know how possessive I am of MY territory. Anyway, it was so nice to meet Cindy, and I like her even more than I normally would because she's taking that old Terry trailer far, far away. Thanks, Cindy. Stop by anytime, but leave your new 2-wheeled friend at home!

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