Sunday, April 20, 2014

We've Got The BEST Friends!

Our friends are SO thoughtful. From time to time, they totally take us by surprise, and bring us or send us little gifts. We've gotten scotty dog items (since I'm a Serro Scotty), and toast and toaster related items (since my name is Toaster). Everything from the tiniest little knick-knacks to full-sized Scotty trailers have been given to us. Gary and I are absolutely thrilled with the endless generosity and kindness that our friends have graciously bestowed upon us. We certainly appreciate it more than we can possibly say. Forgive me if I neglected to post pictures of our previously received cards and gifts. I just get so busy sometimes that I forget to do that. Thanks so much for everything that all of you have done for us. The latest surprise gift came from our friend Windy in Alabama. Gary sent her a window for her Scotty named "Lou Lou" awhile back, and as a token of her appreciation for the good deal she got, she sent us a set of six toast shaped potholders with butter. They are AWESOME!!! Coincidentally, they match perfectly with a set of dish towels that Gary bought at Target last year. When we go camping again, my kitchen is going to look SO cool! Thanks again to everyone that went out of their way to find just the right things to bring smiles to Gary's face and mine. We LOVE you guys!

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