Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Back Home For A Little Break

We made it safely back to St. Augustine yesterday, arriving at home around 5PM. It was a leisurely ride home, with a couple of stops along the way. We pulled out of the Yankee Traveler RV Park in Largo just before 10AM. The plan was to leave late to avoid the rush hour traffic going through Tampa. The plan worked well. It was smooth sailing all the way. Our first stop was at exit 314 northbound on I-75. Since Gary hadn't eaten anything all morning, a stop at Wendy's around lunch time sounded good to him. We parked in the lot of the adjoining Wal-Mart, where there was plenty of room for Dodge and I. After Gary filled his "tank", Dodge got his tank filled at the nearby Shell station. Back on the interstate, we headed north. Gary decided at the last minute to stop at the enormous Wildwood Antique Mall on SR-200 in Ocala. We got there around 1PM, and stayed for a couple of hours. I was in one of the few shady spots in the parking lot, so no complaints from me. Dodge and I needed the rest. Gary only bought one little thing in the antique mall. I don't know what it was, but he seemed pretty happy with it. We headed east from there on SR-200, and quickly found US-301. Heading north on US-301, our next stop was at a little park called Wrigley Fields, just north of the town of Citra. We stop there often as we're passing by. It's a quiet place to take a break. From there, it's roughly 75 miles to home on various roads. The closer we got to home, the more excited I was to get back into my comfy garage for awhile. While we were away, Casper the cargo van got to stay inside. I don't think he was too thrilled to be banished back to the driveway, but the garage belongs to me and Dodge, so he had to go. Gary quickly reinstalled my air conditioner, hooked up my power, and attached the garage's TV antenna to my TV. In no time, I was watching "People's Court", one of my FAVORITE TV shows. I wonder if Judge Marilyn Milian missed me as much as I missed her? Gary went to breakfast at his favorite little restaurant this morning, the Gallery Café. He is currently washing the mountain of clothes that he wore during the trip, and unpacking all the tools and stuff from Dodge. I am currently watching "The Rockford Files" (another one of my favorite shows) as I catch up on my blog. There is lots to do in the next 10 days or so before we head out on our first official camping trip of the 2014/2015 season. I am still hitched up to Dodge, so I think I'll be getting a bath and hopefully some polishing before we camp again. And I know for sure that my brakes and wheel bearings will get checked out before we go. I'll keep you posted on the latest happenings at the Green Acres Garage. Enjoy your day!

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