Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bill And Sandy's "Campground", St. Petersburg, FL.

This past week was a very hectic one for Gary. During the five days before we headed out on our first trip of the fall season, he did some minor work on me and "Dodge", sold a car he had listed on Craigslist, mowed, trimmed, and raked our yard, and packed everything for nearly two weeks away from home. In addition, he had to bring a LOT of his tools along. The purpose of this trip is to make some repairs to his house here in town, and not knowing exactly what he was getting into, he brought tools of every kind. Gary and I are never thrilled with coming to St. Petersburg, but our "campground" here is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!. We're staying here with Gary's long-time friends Bill and Sandy. That's them that you see in all the pictures I've posted. I think they like hanging out with me nearly as much as they do with Gary. They are VERY funny people. I'm on a nice concrete driveway with sun on me in the mornings, but nearly full shade in the afternoon. Bill and Sandy are parking their vehicles in the front yard while we're here, so "Dodge" and I have the driveway all to ourselves. It's a sweet set-up for us, and Gary gets to hang out and have fun with Bill and Sandy when he's not slaving away at his house. He's been happier so far than he's been at any time we've ever had to come over here. The hardest work begins on the house in the morning, and I hope things go smoothly and Gary's good mood continues. We'll see how it goes. Our trip over here was one to remember. It was raining fairly heavily as we entered into town on I-275. Gary always keeps his distance from cars on the road, and hopes that they will keep their distance from us. To make a long story somewhat shorter, a woman in a Honda ahead of us, over-corrected as she was cut off by a car that passed her and abruptly pulled over in front of her. She went spinning across all of the lanes of the interstate. Somehow, everyone around us avoided hitting her, and she finally stopped just a short distance away from the inside guardrail. It was VERY scary. We skidded a little ourselves as Gary hit the brakes pretty hard, and luckily nobody collided with us or with anyone else. That kind of excitement we can definitely do without. Just a short time later, we arrived here at Bill and Sandy's. The rain had stopped and the sun was out. We thankfully left that black cloud we were under out on I-275. It's been nice since we've been here, and the temperature has been unusually mild. It's supposed to get hotter again during the coming week, but so far it's been very pleasant. We will be here for a total of six nights, then we move across Tampa Bay to a new location. I'll tell you more about that when the time comes. Have a GREAT week everybody!

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