Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Nicer Side of Hillsborough River State Park

As promised, here's a few pictures of the nicer side of Hillsborough River State Park. It's actually a decent park except for the campground. As far as that goes, it most definitely needs some major renovations. It rained here this week, and most of the campsites are REALLY muddy. A couple are actually under water. Gary had enough sense to move us to one of the five paved campsites this past Monday, so we've had no worries. Others here are not so fortunate, and those that have reservations for this weekend are going to be VERY disappointed. Well, enough of my complaining. Lets move on to something more pleasant. As I said, there are some nice things here to see and do. As you enter the park, there are fields of purple flowers. I have no idea what kind of flowers they are, but they're nice to look at. The roadway loops through the park. It's nice and smooth, and I really enjoyed that. Gary has seen a few deer crossing the road on his trips in and out of the park. There's a café and gift shop with a big pool behind it. You can rent golf carts, bicycles, surreys, canoes, and kayaks. There are several trails of various lengths, and an overlook of the Hillsborough River rapids. There's a suspension bridge which was closed for repairs, and a stationary bridge as well. There's a fort here somewhere, but Gary hasn't had any time to check that out. He only had a couple of hours on our first day here to look around and take these pictures. Other than that, he has worked long hours on his house across the bay in St.Petersburg every single day, so it hasn't been a leisurely trip for him as it's been for me. That's about it from here. Gary isn't finished working on his house yet, so he decided to add three more days onto our stay in this area. We're heading to a new place tomorrow, but I don't know any of the details yet. As long as it isn't muddy or under water, I'll be fine with it. I'll let you know where we'll be in the next couple of days. Have a GREAT weekend!

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