Monday, October 13, 2014

Happier Campers

We're still at Hillsborough River State Park, but we've moved to a MUCH better campsite. After three nights in campsite number 94, and not being thrilled with the campsite or the crummy restroom in that loop, Gary checked with the ranger station this morning and asked if we could move to another spot. They were fine with it, so we moved to campsite number 73 in the River's Edge camping loop. This is a paved campsite, and it is just steps away from a much more modern restroom. Look closely at the third picture, and you can see the restroom right across the street. I am VERY happy with the campsite, and Gary is VERY happy with the better restroom. We will be much happier campers for the remainder of our stay. According to the Weather Channel, there is a very strong chance of rain for the next two days, and I definitely did not want to stay in the mucky campsite we were in. I'll stay nice and clean over here. Gary is still going to St.Petersburg every day to work on his house. With only three days left in our planned stay, he doubts that he will get everything done that he set out to do. He's thinking about staying in this area for a couple of more days. We would stay here if we could, but our current campsite is reserved by someone else for the upcoming weekend. So are all of the adjoining campsites that are similar to this one. So, I'm not sure where we will stay, if by chance we do hang out in the Tampa Bay area for a little longer. Time will tell. In my last post, I promised I'd show you some pictures of the park. I haven't forgotten about doing that, but I was so excited about our new campsite, that I wanted to tell you about that first. I'll post the pictures of the park soon. That's the latest news from here. Have a good one!

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