Friday, October 10, 2014

Camping At Hillsborough River State Park

We had a terrific six days of camping at Bill and Sandy's house in St.Petersburg. I got to hang out on a nice smooth driveway, watching the squirrels playing in the trees. Gary got to hang out with his best buddies when he was home for the night, and made big progress working on his house during the day. We would have liked to have stayed with Bill and Sandy for another week, but we didn't want to wear out our welcome. So, we packed up this morning and headed to Hillsborough River State Park in Thonotosassa. For those that don't know, Thonotosassa is north of Tampa and south of Zephyrhills. The park is located on the west side of US301. We are in campsite number 94, in the Hammock Circle camping loop. It's an okay campsite, but nothing great. Gary drove by all of the campsites here, and he told me that none of them are overly impressive. And not that it concerns me, but Gary was horrified at how bad the restrooms (especially the showers) are. He says they are the worst of any Florida State Park that we have camped at, and as you know, we have camped at a LOT of them. We usually stay at a park on a first visit for a couple of nights, just to see if we like it or not. Unfortunately, he booked us here for an entire week. Why did he do that you ask? Well, this is the closest state park to Gary's house in St.Petersburg, and he still has a lot of unfinished work to do over there. He prefers state parks to private campgrounds or county parks. I'm fine with camping anywhere, but if Gary isn't happy with a place, then I know we will not be coming back. Hillsborough River State Park will definitely be on the "one and done" list. Gary took the day off from working on his house. Once we got here and settled in, he went out for awhile and explored the park. There are a couple of things away from the camping area that look nice, and I will show them to you in my next post. I'm getting kind of sleepy, so I will talk with you again soon. Goodnight!

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