Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yankee Traveler RV Park, Largo, FL.

Just when I thought that we would camp ONLY at state parks and the occasional KOA, Gary surprised me once again. When we left Hillsborough River State Park, I thought we were heading back towards St.Petersburg to camp on the driveway of our friends Bill & Sandy. Instead, we pulled off the interstate at the Ulmerton Road exit, and a few minutes later, we arrived at Yankee Traveler RV Park in Largo, FL. This is a 55+ park. Even though I am only 42, Gary is pushing 60, so I got in because of him. Actually, I don't think they would care how old I am, but I just can't resist the chance to bug Gary about how old he is. This is a REALLY nice place. It's basically a mobile home park with full-time or seasonal residents, but there are a handful of RV sites for travelers like me and Gary. We are tucked in-between a pair of the seasonal resident's trailers who apparently aren't here at the moment. It's extremely quiet here. Only a little bit of road noise from busy Ulmerton Road is all that is noticeable. We are on the east side of the office in campsite 302. On the west side of the office, there's the pool, a hot tub, shuffleboard courts, and the most immaculately clean restrooms of anywhere we have stayed at, besides Bill & Sandy's house, of course. Gary did nothing but whine about how bad the restrooms were when we camped at Hillsborough River, so it's good to not have to listen to that non-stop. The restrooms scored a 10 out of 10 rating on the Good Sam website, and Gary says that the rating is VERY accurate. Each restroom is a single self-contained room, just like your home restroom, so there's total privacy. As for me, I'm not in a lot of shade, but I'm partially in the shadow of one of the mobile homes next to me, at least for part of the day. I'm sitting on a gravel pad, and my buddy "Dodge" the van is sitting on concrete. There's a separate concrete pad on my door side with a picnic table. Even though there's no fire ring (which we wouldn't be using anyway), and not a lot of trees or squirrels to enjoy, I feel pretty comfy here. This is most definitely a place that we would come back to if we were looking for a place to stay at in the St.Petersburg/Largo/Clearwater area. If we could be sure that private parks were all this nice, we might be willing to stay at more of them. Gary is working on his house again today. It's about 10 miles from here. I'm just hanging out and enjoying the peace and quiet of this immaculately kept park. I'm going to catch some rays and take it easy. After all, that's two of the things that I do best. We will be here through this weekend, and we head home to St.Augustine on Monday. I'll talk with you again soon.

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