Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Permanent DVD Player

After years of having my DVD player floating around loosely in the cabinet above my TV, it is now mounted permanently in place. Hooray for that! I'm actually surprised that Gary didn't do something about this long before now, and I'm equally surprised that the poor old DVD player still works. It has taken a beating inside that cabinet. No worries now! It is anchored to the plywood mount with five screws, and the plywood mount is anchored to the inside of the cabinet with two screws. That baby isn't going anywhere! The audio and video cables are secured to the plywood mount with cable ties. That should make it nearly impossible for the wires to come loose from the DVD player as we're bouncing down the road. Gary will be REALLY happy to not have to stop what he's doing, and reattach the cables before we can watch a movie. So, there's one little accomplishment before we head out on our next camping trip, and there's several more to go. We'll see what happens next!

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