Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fort Clinch State Park, Part 2

Even under partly cloudy skies, it was a pretty day here in the campground. Gary made breakfast, then headed out for a walk on the trails. I knew he wouldn't be gone long. He had to move me from the big campsite where we had spent our first two nights, to a smaller campsite just a short trip down the street. Sure enough, he was back within an hour. Just a short time later, we were at our new campsite. Now that I was set up for our next night, I knew I'd be alone for most of the afternoon. Gary took off on his bike for a couple of hours, returned back to our campsite for a sandwich, then headed to the beach. He left the iPod on for me, and I listened to 60's pop tunes to pass the time away. They sure don't make great music like that anymore. Funny how I know most of the words to songs that were made before I was born. I had a good view of incoming and outgoing campers, and I was the smallest and oldest trailer in the whole place. Meanwhile, Gary was exploring the beach and the long fishing pier, picking up some souvenir shells, and catching a glimpse of the sun as it would occasionally peak through the clouds. He was gone until after dark. The quiet night passed quickly, and unfortunately, we would be heading for home soon. As we made our way down that long road out of the park, I felt sad we were leaving. But, I was excited to know that our next round of campouts were just ahead. Where to next, you ask? Well I'm not sure, but I know we're going somewhere we've never been, and that's ALWAYS exciting!

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