Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ochlockonee River State Park, Part 1

This was another "new" place to visit, and a GREAT one it was. Gary and I would be spending Christmas here, and it was almost as if we had been sent to the best possible place for the holiday. The campground is a small one. There are only 30 campsites. We were camping in #19, and it was definitely the best one in the place. The campsite was big and secluded, the most secluded in fact of any in the park. Just behind our campsite was the pretty Ochlockonee River, and a walkway which went right down into it. Once Gary had me settled in, he was off to explore the place. The first place he went was a large area where the Dead River meets the Ochlockonee. After that, he came back and hung out at the campsite for awhile, took lots of pictures of me (what else is new?), and eventually got around to building a fire and making dinner. Later in the evening, there was time to watch a couple of DVD's before bed. It was SO quiet there, and sleeping was easy.

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