Sunday, December 4, 2011

Never Satisfied

That Gary. He's just never satisfied. He's always tinkering with me, making things that I'm perfectly happy with, even better. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about what he does, he just always surprises me with changes. I'll have to admit that the changes he makes really do make me look better. He's been cleaning me thoroughly this week, and touching up a few nicks and scratches on my interior walls. Just when I thought he was done with painting, he cleans my tongue and masks up the surrounding areas, and puts on a fresh coat of paint. I heard him telling someone on the phone that the shade of red on my tongue didn't match the rest of my red trim. It looked fine to me, but "Mr. Perfectionist" wanted to make the change. As usual, he was right. He had originally purchased the wrong shade of Rustoleum to paint my tongue with, but now it matches everything else. Then, while I was half way out of the garage with my tongue drying in the sun, he removed the promotional blog decal he had put on my rear bumper a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't satisfied with that either. He said it was too big, and besides that, he hadn't gotten it centered exactly right, and it wasn't perfectly straight. So, off with the almost old, and on with the new. He had a new blog decal made last week when we were in Daytona. This one is MUCH smaller, and not so IN YOUR FACE like the other one was. Once again, he was right. This one is better. And now that he's had some practice with the installation of vinyl lettering, he got this one centered and straight. Gary is a bit (a BIG bit) obsessive about certain things, but he's a keeper. I like my buddy, even though he's a bit odd. Who am I to talk? I'm a little "different" myself. At this moment, I'm still nowhere near ready to go camping, and we're supposed to be in Savannah on Friday. I hope that Gary doesn't decide to make some other modification to me before then, or I may be doing my camping in the Green Acres Garage. Oh Noooo!!

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