Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skidaway Island State Park

Gary and I slept out in the yard last night, and I got my bath today and am now resting comfortably in the garage. I asked Gary to please upload the pictures from our Georgia camping trip, and he did. So, now that he's away from the computer, it's my turn to get on here and show you a few pics of where we were. Other than camping at Gary's sister's farm, we had never camped in Georgia before. We made our way to Skidaway Island State Park, south of the heart of Savannah. It was very pretty, and very quiet. Of the 87 available campsites, less than 20 were rented. After checking in at the office, we drove through the campground and picked site #11 as our home away from home. It was close to the restrooms, and that's important when you're old like Gary is. Whoops, did I actually type that? I'm SO bad!!! All of the campsites are drive throughs, and all of them have dual water supplies, cable TV hook-ups, and pads for tent camping. Gary got me all set up, then took off for some hiking and bike riding. There were MILES of trails, winding through wooded areas and through the salt marsh areas that surround the park. As always, I was content with hanging out alone while Gary made the rounds. He was gone for hours, but I knew he would be back when he got hungry. It's not like him to cook much of anything, but this time he was a cooking fool. He skipped making sandwiches like he usually does, and actually made REAL meals. I was impressed! Unlike me, he hasn't had a lot of camping experiences in his life, but I think he's finally getting the hang of it. The weather was absolutely perfect. Highs were around 60, and lows near 40. We stayed for two days and nights, and then headed to northern Florida for some more camping. I'll get Gary to upload some pictures of our stay in Florida, and will tell you all about what happened in my next post. Bye for now.

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