Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Much To Tell, So Little Time

Gary and I just got back from five nights of camping in Georgia and northern Florida. I have lots to tell you, but Gary hasn't uploaded the 342 pictures he took on our trip yet. As soon as he does, I will include a few of the pics here on my blog, and I'll tell you all about where we stayed and what we did. Needless to say, we had TONS of fun!!! When we got home this afternoon, Gary opened the garage door to put me inside. Then he decided he wants to wash me first, so I get to stay outside for another night. He can't stand it when I have all the fun, so now he's going to camp in me tonight right here in our yard. SWEET!!! Gary calls yard camping "yamping". I can never get enough camping (or "yamping") time in to please me, and obviously neither can Gary. So, I will push him to get those pictures into the computer, and then I'll be blogging shortly after. I'm outta here for some "yamping". I'll talk with you soon.

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