Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Look Around Ft. McAllister State Park

Yes, it's been several days since I've posted, and yes, I've been slacking again. I do have an excuse for some of the delay, besides slacking, of course. The internet connection was weak at Ft. McAllister. I could surf the internet with some degree of difficulty, but downloading pictures just wasn't going to happen. There was a good internet connection during our three day at Little Ocmulgee State Park, but we had cable TV there, and I was busy watching all the shows I can't see at home (we don't have cable at home). We are now on our final day of camping, a lot has happened, and our internet connection here at Crooked River State Park is VERY good. So, Gary has turned off the TV and hidden the remote until I catch up on my blog posting. It's something I need to do, so I'm going to try to get finished so I can watch Judge Judy later today. The pictures I've attached (for the most part), are a sampling of the things you can see when you visit Ft. McAllister for yourself. Gary never was able to take any pictures of the deer, but they were all over the park. That deer crossing sign is no joke. If you're not into camping, the cottages at Ft. McAllister are some of the most spectacular we have ever seen. They overlook the salt marshes from a second story view. The fort isn't anything like our fort in St. Augustine. I was expecting to see thick walls of concrete or compacted shell, but Ft. McAllister is made up of mounds of dirt covered in grass. Housing and storage is built into the mounds. There are several cannons that helped keep the enemy at bay, reproductions of which can be seen at various spots around the fort. There's a museum at the entrance to the fort, and that also serves as a gift shop and facilities office. As for the rest of the park, there are beautiful waterfront views from the fort side of the park, and from the campground side as well. Their are piers on both sides, one for fishing only, and one for fishing and boat docking. There's a boat ramp, and also canoe rentals. Bikes can be rented at the gift shop. There's picnic tables and pavilions in scenic areas along the waterfront. We had a visit from Tim and Susan Viall on our last morning at Ft. McAllister, and I'll be telling you about that in my next post. Tim is the one that took the picture of Gary and I. As we were leaving the park, we stopped to drop off our trash at the dumpster. Inside was a poor little raccoon that had no way of getting out. Gary found a long branch that he stuck inside the dumpster for the raccoon to climb out on. He wasn't sure the raccoon would know what to do, but as soon as he walked away from the dumpster, we saw the branch moving, and then the raccoon scampered out and made his way into the woods. I'm not much of a fan of raccoons, but I thought it was nice of Gary to help get him out of there. He's a good guy, at least most of the time. Thanks for being so patient and checking in to see if I've posted anything new. You're going to have a lot to read today. Stay tuned for my next post!

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