Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our California Visitors: Meet Tim And Susan

Tim Viall has been a Facebook friend of Gary for quite some time. Tim lives in California, so Gary and I figured that the chances of meeting him in person was pretty slim. Much to our surprise, Tim and his wife Susan just happened to be camping in the deep South while we were at Ft. McAllister, and they stopped by to see us on the morning we were scheduled to leave. They are traveling on a tight budget with their Ford Focus and their reproduction 1958 Serro Scotty teardrop. They are staying with a few friends and relatives on occasion, but mostly camping in State and National Parks along the way. We checked out Tim's blog, http://blogs.esanjoaquin.com/.../traveling-the-us-southern-tier, and the Viall's have seen some amazing things and done a lot of fun stuff on their journey. I live for the day when Gary and Dodge and I can go out west and see that part of the country. That will be as fun for us as traveling to the South has been for Tim and Susan. We had a nice visit with our Western friends. I was a little embarrassed that I'm oxidized and not looking my best right now, but Tim and Susan didn't seem to care. Gary gave them the full tour of me, inside and out. We stopped by to see their Scotty teardrop on our way out of the park. It's so LITTLE!!! I thought I was small, but I look HUGE in comparison. Tim and Susan have a pair of flamingos, just like us. I thought that was pretty cool. We hope to run into our new friends again as we travel the country. They are super nice people, and we were pleased to meet them.

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