Friday, March 20, 2015

No Time For Slackin', Just Workin' And Packin'

We've been home from our last round of camping for nine days, and there has been LOTS of activity here at the Green Acres Garage. Gary's been running around trying to get as much done as he possibly can before we take off on another trip. Although I basically do nothing, I get REALLY tired just watching him. He still moves pretty fast for an old guy. Besides picking up all the yard debris that had fallen from the trees that are on or surrounding our property, Gary mowed and weedeated the entire place, and trimmed a few of the shrubs. That took roughly a day and a half. He washed Helen the Husqvarna after she helped him mow the yard. He also washed the dirt and mildew off the non-running conversion van on the driveway, washed clothes and linens on a couple of occasions, caught up on bills and mail, shopped, unloaded "Dodge" from our last trip, and repacked for our next trip. There were other things too, but you get the idea. He's been a BUSY guy. I was hoping for a bath, but that hasn't happened. It's supposed to rain the day we are planning to head out, so I guess that washing me wouldn't make much difference since I'm going to be getting dirty as soon as we leave. At least I'm clean inside. I had a problem with my tile backsplash on the way back from Georgia. The glue didn't hold very well, and it separated from the wall. On further inspection, Gary discovered that the glue didn't bond in the middle of the backsplash at all. After removing all of the old glue residue from the wall and the panel that the tiles are attached to, Gary used a whole tube of Liquid Nails to reattach the panel. He cut 1x3's to wedge between the backsplash and my bunk beds. That will hold the panel tightly in place until the glue dries. He didn't do that the first time he attached the panel, and now he's having to re-do it. Lesson learned. The 1x3's are still in place, but Gary will remove them before we leave. He also has to reattach my under-cabinet light and my paper towel holder. They had to be taken down to remove and replace the backsplash panel. That's all that's happened with me since my last posting. Heck, I never even got un-hitched from "Dodge" after we got home. The two of us have just been sitting around, watching Gary wear himself out. We'll be hitting the road soon, and I will write from Wekiwa Springs when we get there. Have a GREAT day!

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