Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring At Wekiwa Springs

Once again, we are spending the early days of spring at Wekiwa Springs State Park in Apopka, FL. We liked this campsite last year, so we are back to enjoy it for a few more days. We had one little problem here last year that I will never forget. As you may recall, the overly aggressive squirrels here broke into me through a screen in an open window. They partied down with a fresh loaf of bread while Gary was out antique shopping. I LOVE squirrels, but actually having them running around inside of me was more than I bargained for. There's no chance of that happening on this trip. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year, and Gary brought along the air conditioner. That means that the windows are staying closed. Unless the squirrels can break through the glass, they are NOT getting in. As I write this, we are in the midst of our third night (of four) that we will be spending here. It rained most of the first night and the following day. It's been kind of muggy since, but the air conditioner has made it most enjoyable for Gary. If he's happy, I'm happy. This park has been explored during our previous visits, so Gary has concentrated on antique shopping all over the Orlando area. He's been to a lot of places, but oddly, he hasn't bought very much. He's planning to venture a little further away tomorrow. TV reception is excellent here, so I've been watching my favorite shows while Gary is away. There hasn't been a dull moment. The park is pretty full this time. That's what happens when spring break and our camping schedule coincide. There was some very unusual excitement just moments after we arrived. From what Gary was told, a guy on a motorcycle snuck in here to camp without paying. He was rather obnoxious to the people that had reserved the campsite he was in, and in turn, to the camp hosts and a park ranger. The police arrived and put him in handcuffs, took him to jail, and had his motorcycle towed away. In all the places we have camped, we have never had anything like that happen before. That was pretty wild. Our friends Tina and Joe from Ohio were in this very campsite a couple of weeks ago, and they left a little surprise in the woods behind the campsite for Gary to find. Tina gave some great clues as to where the item was, but Gary still couldn't find the mystery item. With more clues from Tina, Gary finally found the empty wine bottle wrapped in a plastic bag and buried by the base of a tree with a "U" carved into it. Gary has watched every season of "Survivor", so I'm surprised he wasn't able to find the bottle with Tina's clues. I guess he wouldn't do too well as a "Survivor" contestant. I, for one, would have to vote him off the island. He seems to be MUCH better at hunting and finding antiques. Oh well. One more day here at Wekiwa, then we move on to our next stop. I'll catch you later!

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