Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crooked River State Park

The last stop on our current round of camping is at Crooked River State Park in St. Mary's, GA. Although it has it's pretty areas, the campground here is NOT on our list of favorites. There are two loops, one that has individual campsites like almost every other park in the world, and one that's basically a pine tree filled field where it's hard to tell where one campsite ends and the other begins. We are in one of the individual campsites, #51 to be exact. Gary tells me the restrooms are old and outdated, but the plumbing works well and that they're kept clean by the camp hosts. Something that we have never seen is that controlled burning has been done recently BETWEEN the campsites. There's a burned smell in the air, and instead of nice greenery, there's charred remains of the vegetation. Like most coastal or riverfront parks, there's a boat ramp, a pier, and this one even has a bait and tackle shop. They have five very nice looking cabins with scenic but distant views of the surrounding water. I was excited to see that there are cable TV hookups here, but unfortunately, they don't work. We have limited channels with our onboard antenna, and that's been sufficient for me to see at least a few of my favorite shows. I don't know one flower from another, but those nice purple flowers can be seen all over the park. That adds a bit of color to the place. The park office and gift shop is a good one, and the park personnel have been friendly and helpful. Of the three parks we have been to on this round of camping, this is our least favorite. Overall, it's a decent park outside of the campground, but since we're here to camp, it doesn't thrill us. We would stay here again in a pinch, but we're not likely to return if there are other options. Gary found a couple of interesting things at one of the antique stores in town, but the other stores were not interesting to him at all. This is our final day here. We head for home tomorrow, will be there for a week, and then we head to central Florida for ten days of camping at three different parks. We'll be taking the air conditioner along, as it's starting to get toasty during the daytime hours. I'll write from home if anything exciting happens. From Crooked River State Park, this is Toaster. Over and OUT!!!

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