Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Ocmulgee State Park

Little Ocmulgee State Park near McRae, Georgia was the second stop of our eighth round of our current camping season. It was a beautiful day as we traveled west from Ft. McAllister to Little Ocmulgee, but it rained as soon as we arrived. Gary got wet setting me up, but he didn't complain. It had been a fairly warm day, and the rain actually felt pretty good to both of us. We drove through the two camping loops twice, and picked out campsite #54 for our three night stay. I was surprised to see a cable TV hookup inside the electrical box, and I knew that as Gary was out antique shopping as he always does, that I would have plenty to watch on TV. Besides that, there were squirrels running around all over the place, so there would be no lack of entertainment. I'm easily amused. The good part about the rain was that a cold front was right behind it. In addition to the drizzle, it got down to 34 degrees on our first night. Since Gary and I like cold weather, that was PERFECT sleeping weather for us. The high temperature for the following day was only 48. It was just like HEAVEN!!! As predicted, Gary spent much of his time antique shopping in towns within a moderate radius of the park. He was happy with his finds. He loves seeing new places, even if he isn't antiquing. On our final day, after returning from shopping, Gary explored the park. One of the main attractions at Little Ocmulgee is the golf course. There's also a lodge and a conference center, a pool, tennis and volleyball courts, and something called "The Splash Pad" which is apparently a little water park for the kids. The cabins are small, but cute. They overlook the Little Ocmulgee River. There's a boat ramp and a white sand, man made beach. A pier stretches out into the river, and serves as a great place to fish or to catch a sunset. The visitors center and a couple of the old 1930's Civilian Conservation Corps restrooms are still standing and being used today. Those guys did GREAT work. The CCC also built the dam that adjoins the beach area. Little Ocmulgee is a VERY pretty park. I had no complaints at all, but Gary had one. He found it odd that even though there were an abundance of camp hosts riding around in their golf carts, the restrooms were never cleaned during our visit. For him, that was the only disappointing thing about the otherwise beautiful park. Check out the pictures and I think you'll agree, Little Ocmulgee is a GREAT place to visit.

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