Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gamble Rogers State Park, Flagler Beach, FL.

I just love this time of year. Cooler weather is the best time to camp when you live in Florida like Gary and I. While our northern friends are putting their trailers away for the winter, we are just beginning to journey out and explore new places, and re-visit a few as well. Our fun began a couple of weeks ago at the Manatee Springs Halloween campout with a bunch of our good friends. Gary and I were supposed to go to St.Petersburg this past Monday, but our trusty van developed a bad vibration problem last weekend, so the trip was postponed. The u-joints were replaced and the driveshaft was re-balanced, and we were ready to roll on Thursday to a one-night stay-over at Gamble Rogers State Park. The park is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Flagler Beach. It is a VERY hard place to get into, but Gary had lucked into finding a cancellation awhile back. Even though we were only going to be staying one night, I knew this was going to be FUN! We couldn't get into our campsite until 1PM, but we left home early enough to take our time and enjoy the sights along the A1A coastline. It was the most beautiful day, with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. Photo opportunities were endless, and you know by now how much Gary likes to take pictures. We made our way to the campground, and got in around 1:15. It was GORGEOUS being right there next to the ocean. We had really nice neighbors next door (Rick and Amanda), and they came over to see me. It's always fun to meet new people. I relaxed (as I always do), while Gary took off for some sightseeing on his bike. He explored the trails and the Intercoastal Waterway on the west side of A1A, and then headed back to the east (ocean) side for a long walk on the beach. I was the only vintage trailer in the campground, but on a day this nice, I didn't feel old at all. The afternoon went by quickly, and with night came gusty winds and much cooler temperatures. It was 47 degrees and another absolutely flawless day as Gary and I headed back up the coast to St.Augustine on Friday. I'm back in the garage until Monday when we head to St.Petersburg for some driveway camping at Gary's house there. This will be a working trip for Gary, but everyday is a vacation for me when I'm camping. New adventures are just ahead, so check back often. This is Toaster saying, "Bye for now!".

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