Monday, November 28, 2011

Daytona Turkey Rod Run 2011

The day I was waiting for was finally here. It was November 23rd, 2011, and time for our annual trek to Daytona for the biggest car show in the southeast United States, the Turkey Rod Run. Gary and his friends have been going to the show since the late 80's, and now that I'm a member of the gang, I get to go too. This was my third year, and once again, I would be camping at site #10 at Tomoka State Park. It's a nice place, nothing fancy, but perfectly fine for me and my car show buddies. Marty and Kyle had arrived at the Green Acres Garage the previous night, and Marty's awesome '69 Chevelle spent the night in the garage with me. Lots of people stop by to see me, but it's not often that I have a guest actually stay with me inside the garage. That Chevelle is a pretty car, and I enjoyed hanging out with it. Gary and the boys went out to get supplies for the trip, and after a few pics here at home, we were off. The weather was perfect the whole time we were camping. Low 70's during the day, and around 60 degrees at night. It was windy during the entire trip. While I hung out at the campground, Gary, Marty, and Kyle hung out at the car show with Marty's brother Ron, his son Jason, and our good friend Tommy from North Carolina. As always, Ron brought his beautiful '67 Camaro to the show. The car has been in their family since it was new. On Thanksgiving night, Ron and Jason joined me and the boys for dinner at our campsite. They all ate too much and had a good time. I'm watching my weight and didn't partake, but I enjoyed watching everybody else. Left to right in the second picture above, is Jason, Ron, Gary, Marty, Kyle, and Tommy. Tommy came by for a visit on Friday night. He has a 22ft. Winnebago Warrior, so he knows a thing or two about RV's. I think he was impressed with the work Gary has done on me, and was surprised that as small as I am, I can sleep four people in individual beds. Sunday morning rolled around quickly, and it was time to leave Tomoka State Park until next year's car show. Usually, I am really bummed out when we leave because I might not be going anywhere else for awhile. But this year, I know that Gary and I will be going to several places we haven't been to before, and I'll have lots of exciting things to tell you about before the new year. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Hope to see you soon.

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