Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking For Hookers

By the title of this blog post, you've probably gotten the idea that I'm being a BAD boy. Believe me, it's not as bad as it sounds. Let me explain. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, Gary and I went to St.Petersburg this week so he could do some work on his house. Just like during our previous visits there, I hung out on the driveway under that HUGE triple-trunk oak tree that you can see behind me in the first photo. I spent two days and nights on the driveway while Gary repaired some plumbing, installed a new door, and did some yard work. On the third day, he hitched me up to the van, and moved me over to the parking lot of a business on Central Avenue. If you're familiar with St.Petersburg, you know that hookers tend to hang out on Central Avenue. They usually hang out in the downtown area, and not in Gary's neighborhood. But just to keep me amused while I was away from the driveway and facing Central Avenue, Gary told me to look for hookers. I never saw any, but it kept me busy. See, I was being a good boy. You didn't think I was really LOOKING for hookers, did you? While I was away from the driveway, Gary trimmed the branches of the oak tree that were hanging low enough that they were nearly touching my roof. I'm sure glad he moved me and didn't try to work around me. Some of those branches were big enough to crush me. When he was finished, he moved me back to the driveway for our final night. It was hot and humid while we were there, and it rained the following morning as Gary was getting me ready to come home. The rain didn't last long though. It was sunny all the way home, and thankfully, the temperature was getting cooler as we headed north. I'm not that picky about the weather, but Gary likes it when it's cooler. He's in a better mood when it's cooler, and a better mood means more fun for me. Next week, we're off to Daytona, and beyond that, we're going to lots of cool sounding places we've never been to before. I'm going to get a bath in a few minutes, and then I guess I'll catch a few rays and wait for our next outing. Have a good weekend, and be sure to watch for hookers (HA-HA!!!).

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