Friday, November 4, 2011

Manatee Springs Campout, Day #3 (Sunday)

We started the weekend with 11 trailers and 20 people. Unfortunately, some of our friends had to leave today. Michelle, Kimberly, and Scott left very early. Later, Richard and his family left, then Ellen and Gordon, and then Becky and Kelli. By noon, 7 trailers and 8 people remained for another day of fun and endless laughter. It was a lazy day for all of us. Everyone made the rounds visiting each other. Gary made a run into town and bought some supplies at Wal-Mart late in the afternoon. As for me, well I'm chronically lazy, so a day like that was perfect for me. I just hung out and enjoyed the calmness of the day. As evening fell, everyone began gathering at Jim's campsite for some dinner and conversation. I could hear them all talking and laughing from five campsites away. A couple of people (I won't say who), drank up all of Jim's vanilla rum and tequila. This led to some added howls from the group. Before long, Lou and Gary were singing songs (mainly Beatles) together. Gary can't sing, but it was hysterical to listen to from where I was. Having less of a crowd for the evening didn't derail the fun in any way. Gary finally made it back to our campsite at 1:30AM, then went to take a shower. It was 2:04 before his head hit the pillow. It rained again during the night, but not as long or hard as it had done on Friday night. This was supposed to be our last night here, but those plans would change the following morning. And on it goes....

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