Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exploring O'Leno State Park

I tried twice to upload photos for this posting, but Blogger wasn't cooperating. This happens quite often, and it's aggravating. Anyway, I've finally succeeded, although it's two days later than when I started this. We are home now, but as I promised, I wanted to share a few photos of O'Leno State Park. We had a nice time during our three night stay. There were lots of squirrels to entertain me while Gary was off checking out the park and the local RV surplus place. I LOVE squirrels, even though the grey ones here aren't as cool as the white ones at Ochlockonee River. There wasn't much going on in our camping loop until late on our third day. The weekend had arrived, and almost every campsite was occupied. Unfortunately, we had a large and rather rowdy group next to us that made our final night less relaxing, but that's the way it goes. You can't choose your neighbors. As the day began, Gary decided to go buy something he had seen at the RV surplus place. The rest of the day, he spent exploring the park. There was a prescribed fire going on close to the entrance that Gary got to see as it was happening. Usually, we see where the fires have been, but not while they're actually burning. Gary made his way down to the river. There's a pole there with bands around it depicting where the water levels had been over the years. The white band near the top of the pole is at least eight feet up, and that was where the water had risen to in 1964. I'm sure glad I wasn't around to see that. The whole park must have been under water. The suspension bridge was closed for repairs. You can see the scaffolding underneath it where crews are installing new support beams. The bridge completes a 1.44 mile trail loop. Without access, to see the whole trail, you have to walk the full distance out and back, for a total of 2.88 miles. Not wanting to miss any photo opportunities, Gary walked the entire distance, and then another trail for a total of nearly four miles. Better him than me. I'm WAY too lazy for doing stuff like that. There were lots of pretty photos taken, but liking wildlife like I do, I especially liked the photos of the turtles sunning themselves on the rocks in the river. That looks like a great place to be for a turtle, but not so much if you're a travel trailer like me. Well, in 9 more days, we will head out on our next round of camping. If not before, I will check in with you then. See ya!

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