Sunday, March 31, 2013

Return To General Coffee State Park

Gary and I have returned to General Coffee State Park in Georgia for our second visit. Of all the Georgia parks we have been to, this is our favorite by far. We're in the same campsite we were in before. It's as nice as any, and really close to the bathroom, although that doesn't mean as much to me as it does to Gary. There were several periods of light rain today, but that didn't stop Gary from checking the place out as much as he could. Surprisingly, he managed to take 186 photos, mostly of the lake and the farm animals. He fed Poncho and Jenny (our donkey friends) a bag of carrots, and is planning to do the same every day we are here. The donkeys are our favorites. He didn't take any really good pictures of them, but I know he will before we leave. We will spend four nights here this time, and we are already booked to stay here again at the end of the year. This is such a cool place, and there's lots to see and do. One thing I hope that Gary doesn't do is get lost on the trail like he did on our last visit. I was worried sick about him. He drove around today, and found the spot where he got off the trail and was given a ride back to the park entrance. It is SIX miles from here! No wonder he looked so exhausted when he came back to the campsite that night. I'll bet he won't do that again. It was kind of hot today, but I was partially shaded by the oak trees around me. As usual, I took a long nap while Gary was gone. I was tired from the road trip. I've attached a few pics for you to enjoy, and I'll do the same again tomorrow. There's no TV reception here, but at least we have internet. Bye for now.

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