Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sebastian Inlet State Park, Day #2

This is one of those places where photo opportunities are everywhere. Gary has taken over 500 photos, and I have really enjoyed each and every one. I regret that space is limited here on the blogsite, because I would LOVE to show you ALL of them. I'm picking some of my favorites, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as me. The start of our second day here at Sebastian Inlet was less than ideal for photo taking. It was foggy and cloudy early in the morning, so Gary decided to go antique shopping for a few hours. Thankfully, the intense toothache he had when we arrived, had all but gone away. It was good to see him feeling more like his old self. Gloomy looking or not, this is still a really nice place to hang out, and I had plenty to look at while Gary was gone. There is LOTS of activity going on here, and boating seems to be the main recreation. Boats loaded with fisherman were constantly cruising along the inlet behind our campsite. Birds are as common here as leaves on a tree, and I have marvelled at all the different types I've seen. I've seen dolphin, fish jumping, and pelicans crashing into the water to snag some passing fish for dinner. It's AMAZING!!! Gary came back from his antique shopping empty handed, but the weather had improved while he was gone. So, he headed out to explore a little more of the park, and he came back with some COOL photos. Not long after he returned, the weather began to get a bit ugly again. Rain was predicted and never came, but the winds were CRAZY strong. I thought I was going to get blown right off my jack stands for about two hours. My windows were open, and my curtains were standing straight out! Although he tried not to show it, I think Gary was freaking out. He checked for reports of tornadoes, but luckily none were found. Once the wind died down, we settled in for a quiet and relaxing night. One more day to go here at Sebastian Inlet, and I'm hoping that day three is going to be as exciting as days one and two.

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