Friday, March 22, 2013

Sebastian Inlet State Park, Day #3

The wind was still pretty strong on day #3 at Sebastain Inlet State Park, but the temperature had dropped considerably from our first two days. Since Gary and I prefer cooler days, we were thrilled. It was a picture perfect day, and there were LOTS of pictures taken. Again, I wish I could share more of them with you than the handful that I'm allowed. I seldom saw Gary except the few times he came back to the campsite to eat, charge the camera batteries, and download the pictures he had shot. He is really enjoying his new camera, and the picture quality is so much better than his old one. A big improvement for the park is the brand new Inlet Grill And Gifts building that is right next to the beach and fishing pier. It has only been open for two weeks. Gary says that the views from the second floor are spectacular. The photo of the fishing pier that I included in my last post was taken from there. The building replaces a 30ft. concession trailer that has seen it's better days. One of the squirrels that entertained me while we were here, was a very brave little guy. On several occasions, he walked right into me while the door was open. As you know, I LOVE squirrels, so I was happy he trusted me enough to visit. The day ended with a BEAUTIFUL sunset that looked SO pretty from our campsite. It was spectacular to say the least. Our three days flew by in a flash, and we were sad to have to say goodbye to this awesome park. But, I am sure we will come back here again. On to Tomoka State Park next, and I'll check in from there. Bye!

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