Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sebastian Inlet State Park, Day #1

Gary and I arrived here at Sebastian Inlet State Park on Tuesday. What a pretty day it was, and what a GREAT campsite. This place is booked most of the time, so I know Gary had to try extra hard to get us in here. He did GOOD!!! We are in campsite #11, and just a few feet away from the beautiful blue-green waters of the inlet. There's no shade, but the view makes up for it. Man, it is pretty. After getting me set up for our stay, Gary hung out with me and took it easy. He had a terrible toothache that distracted from his joy of being here. With medications, he felt much better within a couple of hours. I'm glad I don't have ailments like humans do. There isn't much of anything that ruins camping for me. I don't even care if it rains as long as I'm camping. Anyway, back to the story. Gary has a Facebook friend named Penny that he had never met before. She lives in this part of Florida, and wanted to come visit with us while we were here. Penny owns her own soap company called Good Clean Fun Soaps (, and when she arrived, she brought Gary a couple of bars of her wonderful soaps as a gift. How sweet! They smell SOOOOO good! I hope that Gary keeps some of Penny's soap in me ALL the time, because I have honestly never smelled better. Since Penny knows this area very well, she took Gary on a tour of the this park, and of Long Point Park, which is a county park right down the road. Gary says that maybe we can stay there sometime in the future, and for sure we will come back to stay at Sebastian Inlet again. This whole area is absolutely gorgeous. Many thanks to Penny for being so nice to us, and I hope that we can camp together in the near future. She has a 2012 Scotty Hilander that I am looking forward to meeting. More pics and stories from Sebastian Inlet will be posted soon. Have a GREAT day!

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