Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ohio Travelers Discover St. Augustine

Our Facebook friends from Ohio, Joe and Tina Herald, have been in Florida for most of February. They've been camping all over the State in their '73 Hilander that they call the "Snotty Skotty", and their last stop was here in St. Augustine. Having never met Gary or myself, they made a point of coming over to the Green Acres Garage. As everyone finds out that visits with us, a few photos are always required before leaving. Joe and Tina were happy to oblige. We had a nice visit, and Joe was fascinated by all the junk that I let Gary store in my garage. Gary is a borderline hoarder, but I give him credit for at least being relatively organized. I digress. Anyway, Serra Scotty had to go out and check out Tina and Joe when they arrived. Tina even picked her up and said how cute she is. I totally agree. That's my girl! The morning after our visit, Gary met our new Ohio friends for breakfast at the Gallery Cafe. It's Gary's favorite restaurant, and Joe and Tina liked it almost as much as Gary does. From there, they went out to the campground. I wish I could have gone out to Anastasia State Park to meet the Snotty Skotty, but at least Gary got to meet him. I could tell from the pictures that Gary took that he is a good looking Scotty. I especially like his '55 Oldsmobile spinner hubcaps. They are SO cool! Tina displayed her finest Melmac dinnerware when Gary visited, knowing that he would appreciate the look of it. Gary has been buying Boontonware Melmac to display in the 50's kitchen in the house, and he showed it to Tina and Joe when they were here. Gary also got to meet Joe and Tina's REAL Scotty dog, Abby. She doesn't like camping as much as she likes her soft and cushy car seat. It does look pretty darn comfy. Joe and Tina invited us up to their place in Ohio. I would LOVE to go, but I think I'll have to turn my powers of persuasion up to warp speed to get Gary to head north again any time soon. Maybe someday. I'll put that on my bucket list. For now, I'm focusing on our upcoming camping trip to O'Leno State Park. I'll post from there if I can. Until next time....have a good one!

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  1. We loved meeting Toaster and seeing Green Acres and all the work Gary has done on his house. We had a great time with Toaster's buddies, too. I don't know all their names but Mr. Herald does. The little artist's cafe (the Gallery Cafe) is a great find and we appreciated Gary taking us there for breakfast. We had a fantastic time in Florida flitting around in the Snotty Skotty and we liked all the places we stayed. The Keys were great and really different and fun. But in combination the best park, best camp site and best area I'd say was Anastasia Park and the St. Augustine area. The Anastasia Park beach is amazing, so pristine and there's lots to see and do in the area. If you could get the Anatasia Park camping area to Key West that would be the 2nd best place to stay. We're hoping someday Gary gets to buy a 2nd St. Augustine house close to his lighthouse with enough room (cute little garage) for at least Toaster to hang out with him.