Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tomoka State Park

Our main reason for camping at Tomoka at this particular time, was that Gary was planning to attend the spring car show at nearby Daytona International Speedway. When he woke up on the day of the show, the weather didn't look good at all. He made the decision to skip the show. Instead, he explored the park, and spent all afternoon at various antique stores. I'm pretty sure he had more fun than he would have at the show. He saw parts of the park that he had never seen in our previous visits, and he returned from antique shopping with a couple of really cool items. It rained on and off all afternoon, but it didn't spoil his fun at all. As for me, I just hung out and took it easy at the campsite. There's a GREAT oldies station at 104.7 that Gary left playing on the radio for me to listen to. It's probably kind of odd that I like music that is older than I am, but I'm getting so familiar with some of the songs, that I find myself singing along with them. I have a TERRIBLE singing voice, and so does Gary, but that doesn't stop us from attempting to harmonize with our favorite artists. We're quite a team. I've included some pictures from around the park that Gary took while out and about. The first one is of Beach Street, which is the road that leads into the park. It's about a mile from the point shown to the park entrance. The coolest pic (I think) is of the Chief Tomokie statue at the north end of the park. The statue is very old, and has suffered from vandalism over the years. There was once a reflecting pond in front of the statue, but it is long gone. One of the park rangers told Gary that the statue will be renovated when funds are available. I hope that's true. It's an awesome piece of history that deserves to be saved. Tomoka Outpost is the building shown on the water with the boat docks behind it. It serves as the camp store and the canoe and kayak rental station. On most weekends, there is live music performed there. Tomoka is a laid back little park with nice campsites and facilities. Unfortunately, our two night stay this time was not nearly enough to fully enjoy the place, but we'll be back again next fall. It's less than sixty miles from home, so it's a good place to camp that's not too far away. You'll hear more from me soon as we get ready to head north for our final round of camping for the season. It's going to be fun!

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  1. Is the second picture of a campsite? We are trying to figure out if any of the sites are actually on the water. Thanks!