Saturday, March 23, 2013

North To Tomoka

One last parting shot of me near the bridge at Sebastian Inlet, and it was time to hit the road after three glorious days of camping. What fun we had! It was a nice day to travel, and our first destination was Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, FL. We visited the Ron Jon's in Panama City Beach earlier this year, and thought that was a big store. Ha! It was nothing compared to this one, which is the flagship store of the company. This place was HUGE!!! Gary picked up a few souvenirs, and we were on our way to Tomoka State Park. We have stayed at Tomoka many times before, but it's always been for the Turkey Rod Run car show at Thanksgiving, and we've always been with company. This is our first solo trip to this great little park. We usually stay in campsite #10, but it was booked when Gary made our reservation. He chose #9 instead, and I do believe it is even better than #10. Tomoka is vastly different from Sebastian Inlet for many reasons, but one is there are trees here. Oh, there were a few here and there at Sebastian Inlet, but there are LOTS of them here. I'm all nestled into my little shady spot, and I can recuperate from the sunburn I got over the past three days. OUCH!!! It was pretty late when we arrived, since Gary putzed around and took the slow roads to get here. But that's okay. We're in no hurry, and he likes to see as much as possible when we're traveling. After setting me up for our stay, he walked down to the Tomoka River to enjoy the sunset, and caught a glimpse of a raccoon on the boat dock. Another raccoon walked right past my screen door and didn't seem to be afraid when Gary said hello to him. WOW!!! More pics and stories soon. Anybody got any aloe?

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