Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hanging Out At O'Leno State Park

Gary is happy that I talked him into camping here at O'Leno State Park. This three-day stay wasn't originally on our schedule, but I figured it would be a relaxing getaway in-between two longer campouts, and I was absolutely right. It's only about 90 miles from home, so if our favorite park (Paynes Prairie) is full, we can easily bop over here. It's just a few extra miles away from home than Paynes Prairie is. So far, Gary hasn't explored the park like he usually does as soon as we arrive. He's been more interested in antique shopping and going to an RV surplus and salvage yard that is right down the road from the park. He didn't find anything exciting at the antique stores, but he got some good deals on a few RV parts. He had so much fun looking at all the stuff there yesterday, that he went back again today. We've got a pretty good campsite here. There's nobody within five campsites of us on either side, so it's REALLY quiet. Actually, there aren't many people camping here in this loop at all. There's another camping loop here in the park, and it is MUCH more crowded. Serra has kept me company while Gary has been out shopping. It's much more fun camping now that I have her as a pet. She loves to camp as much as I do. The temperatures have been in the 30's at night, but in the 60's and lower 70's during the day. It's been sunny and perfect weather for camping. This is our second day of three. Tomorrow, Gary plans to go out and explore the park. I think he's already been everywhere in town that he wanted to go to, but it wouldn't surprise me if he makes one more trip to the RV surplus place. He LOVES looking at that kind of stuff. I'll check in tomorrow and show you some pictures of the park if Gary takes any. I'm SURE he will. Happy Camping, everyone.

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