Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are You Still With Me?

Hi Everyone. It's been over a week since I posted, so I thought I'd update you all with the latest happenings here at the Green Acres Garage. After returning from our camping trip last week, Gary parked me in the yard for a few nights of camping here at home outside of the garage. I was there Monday thru Friday of last week. It was nice at night, but during the day, it got VERY hot. On Friday, the warmest day of the week, my inside thermometer read 101 degrees! When Gary walked into me that day, he said "no wonder I call you Toaster!". I felt like I had a fever I was so hot. I really needed a bath after our long trip, but it never happened. I did get rained on once, so I guess that will just have to do as far as a bath goes. He did clean me thoroughly on the inside, so I don't feel totally skanky. While I sat out in the yard, Gary was busy with a lot of projects. The first thing he did was to put up a BIG antenna on my garage. Since it's an all-metal building, my little onboard TV antenna doesn't work when I'm inside the garage. Both of us were pretty sure the new antenna would solve the problem, but we wouldn't know for sure until I went back inside. After finishing that project, a lot of things got moved around inside the garage. A bunch of wood and trailer parts got moved from the garage to the storage shed. Then, all of the stuff that was being stored on top of Henry the Hilander's floor got moved to the area that had just been cleared. Poor old Henry was pulled out of the garage, and now rests outside on the driveway. I'm not sure what's going to happen to him next, but Gary felt like Henry's space in the garage was a better place for his little Dodge Neon than on the driveway where it's been for over two years. I guess the Neon is more valuable than Henry, and deserves to be inside for awhile. While I had idle time, I kept trying to think up a good name for the little metal Scotty dog that Gary bought to keep me company. I finally decided on Serra. I know it's not the typical spelling for Sara or Sarah, but it makes sense if you're a Serro Scotty like I am. Since my little pet is a girl, it just seemed natural to change the "o" in Serro to an "a", and call her Serra Scotty. I think it's kind of clever actually. What do you guys think of the name? On Saturday, Gary moved me back into the garage. Bad weather was predicted for the next few days, and he wanted me safe and sound. He was also eager to hook up the new antenna to see how well it works. It's PERFECT!!! My TV can now get every free channel available in our area. Gary and I watched the Daytona 500 on Sunday. It was a BORING race, but the TV reception couldn't be beat. In other news, I've been hinting around to Gary that I would sure like to go camping somewhere again soon. Our next scheduled trip is almost a month away, and that's just too long to sit here while the weather is somewhat cooler. So, he finally broke down and booked us a three-night stay at O'Leno State Park for next week. That will be perfect. It's only about a hundred miles away, and that will get us past the halfway point to our next extended camping trip. That works for me! You didn't know I could be so persuasive, did you? My door is still a little out of whack from getting damaged during our last trip, but it's not getting fixed correctly until after our camping season ends. Gary has spent a little time on making it better, and it will do for now. Well, that's all I can think of to tell you about. If something exciting happens before our trip to O'Leno, I'll let you know. Thanks for checking in.

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