Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Short Visit To The La Chua Trail

Well, it's day #8 here at Paynes Prairie State Park. The time is FLYING by, and I sure do wish I could slow it down. I am having a BLAST here, and I know that Gary is too. While we've been here, he has split his time between hanging out at our campsite, exploring the park, and antique shopping. The extended stay has allowed him to do all the things he likes to do, without having to rush so much. He's even slept in a couple of times, and he rarely ever does that. I know that we're not supposed to feed the wildlife, but what does it hurt giving a few peanuts to some squirrels? That's mainly what I've been doing while Gary and Dodge are off having their own fun. You know how much I LOVE squirrels! The plan was for Gary and Dodge to go to the La Chua trail yesterday (Monday), but the weather wasn't that great. It didn't rain, but it looked like it was going to at any minute. Gary stayed here with me instead, and began the long process of posting our camping pictures on his Facebook page. He made some good progress. Today the weather was much better, so Gary and Dodge headed up to the north entrance of the park where the La Chua Trail is located. The pictures I've posted are basically in order from the entrance to about a quarter mile into the trail. That's as far as Gary decided to go this time. He just didn't feel like walking the entire three mile distance of the trail like he did when he was there on a previous visit. He wanted to take some pictures (and even a couple of short videos) of the alligators, and that's exactly what he did. Personally, I think the alligators are pretty scary looking, but he thought that all of you who view my blog might like to see them. I guess it's good to show a variety of wildlife instead of a constant stream of just squirrels. Anyway, enjoy the look at a little part of the La Chua trail. If you visit Paynes Prairie, it's a MUST SEE part of the park.

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