Sunday, December 28, 2014

Camping For The Holidays At Paynes Prairie

Many months ago, Gary booked our favorite campsite here at Paynes Prairie for a leisurely Holiday stay. I am SO glad he did, because I truly love it here. We have other campsites that we like in this park, but campsite #18 is the most secluded, and we're all about that. We usually don't camp anywhere for more than five days (usually less), but we are here for TEN days this time, all the way from December 23rd until January 2nd. It's GREAT to spend this much time in such an AWESOME place. When we got here, our campsite was still occupied. So, we rode around through the park for a couple of hours to kill some time. We hung out under some trees in the parking lot at the visitor's center for awhile, and Gary had some lunch there. Then we headed over to the main picnic area. While Dodge and I rested up, Gary took a walk and snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately, it wasn't the prettiest day. The pictures he took around Lake Wauberg look kind of dismal because of the clouds and light fog. I'll ask him to take some better ones while we're here. We made another pass through the campground, and our campsite was empty. We finally got settled in about three hours after we first arrived. Our campsite isn't a very big one, so it wouldn't be of much use to a large motorhome or trailer, but it's nice and cozy for us. I'm usually the oldest trailer in the campground almost everywhere we go, but there's a camp host here this time that has a 1966 Yellowstone. It's a cool old trailer, and it's nice to see something more "vintage" than I am (besides Gary, of course). It rained on and off during our first two days and nights here, but it faired up and was nice and cool for Christmas. It's been nice ever since. We are currently on day number six of our ten day stay. I've been busy feeding the squirrels, visiting with passers-by, and watching TV, so I'm a bit behind with my blog postings. I'll try to do better. Gary and Dodge have gone antique shopping several times, so I've been here alone quite a bit. It's Sunday, so we will all hang out together and watch football today. Gary plans to go to the LaChua Trail tomorrow and take some pictures of the wildlife there. If he comes back alive, I'll post a few in the coming days. We are having SO much fun, but we always do when we're here at Paynes Prairie. It's the BEST!!!

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