Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad Faucet, Good Faucet

On our last day of camping at Ft. Clinch, Gary found a leak inside my kitchen cabinet. Following the trail of slowly dripping water, he determined that the leak was coming from one of the two supply lines for my sink faucet. Now that we're home for a couple of days, getting the leak fixed was a priority. He removed the old faucet today, and found that there's actually a crack around the fitting that the supply line attaches to. The fitting is actually a structural part of the faucet, and nothing that can be replaced. Gary has never been too fond of the old faucet. He thought it looked too bulky for my small kitchen. In addition, it was set up with two supply lines, one for hot water and one for cold. I only have a cold water line, so the faucet required extra fittings to make it work. Foreseeing that the faucet would eventually have to be replaced, Gary had bought a single supply line American Standard faucet on sale about a year ago. The new faucet is smaller in size, and looks much better. The single supply line design eliminates all of those extra fittings that the old faucet had. I REALLY like it. The replacement process was much more complicated than I thought it would be. Besides having to remove the front of my kitchen cabinet, my sink and drain also had to be removed to gain access to the large nut that held the faucet in place. Once the new faucet was installed, Gary drug the hose into the garage from outside, and hooked it up to me to test for leaks. No leaks anywhere. Everything is now back in place, and I am almost ready (I still need cleaning) for our next camping trip. I can't wait! More soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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